Values Based Organization

What does it mean to be a values based organization? The short answer? To be grand in grace. To live the Gospel, expansive and spacious, wildly without the constraints of... Read More

Noticeably Family

Yesterday, a young gentleman came into Metro Central for the first time. He was looking for support after having some of his personal items stollen while travelling through... Read More

Selling Rocks for Metro

The Metro Community would like to thank one of our youngest community members, Lilly Williams-Rochon, for hosting a brilliant fundraiser on Metro’s behalf this last... Read More

A Word of Encouragement

A friend of mine was contemplating this morning about life and its unfairness. He was struggling with finding a place to live and with the injustice of seemingly being the... Read More

Eagle Moon Dancer

Hand carved from a shed Canadian Moose antler found in our beautiful Thompson valley area. Moose antler is made of bone and is extremely hard and challenging to carve. The... Read More

Kingdom Community

Messy, Tough But Beautiful Spring emerges, and with it, a certain sense of relief that we have survived another winter as a community. The harsh conditions of the street in... Read More

Celebrating the Metro Family

We are so grateful for all that you are to our community. As many of you know, Metro is much more than a community - it’s a family. We are a family built on love and... Read More

The Road to God's Goodness

Richard and Laura Neufeld have been attending Metro for 3 years this summer and now play active roles in Metro Central and Metro Laundry. Richard and Laura were married in... Read More


What is community? We have been learning about Community. What is Community? What does it look like? To me community is more than gathering together on a Sunday; it’s... Read More

Urban Rhythms

Whether we choose to acknowledge the rhythms of our lives or we choose to believe that circumstances and others are to blame for our patterns of behaviour, there is still an... Read More