Street Survival Packs

Street Survival Packs

Winter is a time that brings joy to many. It's full of traditions, festivities and family. A time to bundle up, buy a warm drink and take your family to cut down a Christmas tree. But for a lot of us, winter can be cold and lonely. At Metro, we are keeping a new tradition going this season for the second time: Street Survival Packs.

When somebody is on the street and loses all their belongings for one reason or another, Metro Community finds itself having to help them rebuild their lives from scratch. A Street Survival Pack is an essential start-up tool that contains all the basic supplies a man or a woman would need to get back on their feet. Each backpack complete with contents can be assembled for $50 and will make a significant impact in helping someone rebuild their lives. 

Let's help our brothers and sisters stay warm and let's remember that they are our brothers and sisters. We are all family - and that's what we are about at Metro. There is no need for us to be lonely when we all have the same Father who loves us and is always ready to give a warm embrace when we need it.

So this winter, give a warm embrace to someone else and help them rebuild their lives with this simple but life-changing gift.

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